Selecting the aluminum guardrail is a convenient choice

The guardrail industry has risen rapidly in recent years. The traditional guardrails are made of cast iron railings, which are not only cumbersome but also costly. Recently, there was a better aluminum guardrail to replace him as the protagonist of the guardrail industry. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum alloy fence? Come and talk with you.
Aluminum guardrail advantages:
First: simple structure, light material - the product is dismantled structure, no welding, the surface can not see the screws. The connection is compact and there is no loose movement. Packing, transportation and installation are easy. Aluminium is only one-third the weight of iron, steel, copper or bronze. The product is lightweight, easy to process and economical to transport.
Second: high strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance - compared with other traditional raw materials, aluminum hardness can withstand greater tensile and impact forces, while having more good flexibility. At the same time, the surface of the aluminum alloy balcony rails is treated with extreme oxidation and other surface treatments to make the products have high corrosion resistance.
Third: the appearance of high-grade appearance - aluminum surface has been anodized in accordance with industry standards, natural metallic luster or frosted, electrophoretic treatment can get any desired appearance.
Fourth: Ultra-high security - Products using high-strength aluminum alloy as raw materials, formed through T5 heat treatment process, greatly increase the product's tensile and compressive properties.
Fifth: Color Diversification - Product spacing is the result of many trials and arguments. It not only protects but also enhances visual appearance. Personalized color choices allow the aluminum balcony rails to be freely matched to your requirements to match your individual needs with the environment.
Sixth: Green Health and Environmental Protection - Today's increasingly serious environmental problems, Four Seasons Red Guard uses materials that meet international quality and environmental standards to create a safe and healthy living space for you.
Our company uses high quality aluminum alloy profiles as raw materials, and the surface has been specially treated to make the products have better performance. It can be used safely in the air pollution city or sea salt corrosion coastal areas. The design height of humanized design standards and reliable drill spacing are the guarantees of safety. The harmony with people, buildings and nature not only satisfies the technical requirements but also satisfies the cultural needs. The aluminum alloy guardrail professional manufacturer insists on escorting the safety of everyone with excellent product quality.

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